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Why investors choose us

  • Real Business Arbitrage trading in Bitcoin and Altcoin markets.
  • Instant Withdrawals Consisten profits are generated, and all withdrawals are instant.
  • High interest Crypto Assets - is a highly profitable segment of the market of investments
  • Licensed script Goldcoders is the best investment on-line platform
  • Data protection Guaranteed protection of clients' personal data
  • Automated system Comprehensible and easy to use investment instruments

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Our investment plans

  • Silver
    1.75%hourly for 60 hours

    $10 - $3000

    ROI 105%

  • Gold
    2.5%hourly for 48 hours

    $100 - $3000

    ROI 120%

  • Premium
    10%hourly for 24 hours

    $500 - $30,000

    ROI 240%

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How it all works

  • Register

    Go to the registration page, fill in the required fields and get access to investment instruments

  • Create a deposit

    In your personal account in the section "Create a deposit" choose an investment plan and follow the instructions

  • Get profit

    According to the chosen plan, please, wait the required amount of time, then get access to earned dividends

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Briefly about our investment project

  • WHO ARE WE? - is a UK registered Bitcoin investment company. Located in the heart of financial area of London. Our team comprised of professional hedge fund traders and Blockchain experts with combined experience of 30 years. We use state of the art system to exploit arbitrage(Riskless) trading patterns in Bitcoin and Altcoin markets.

  • What are we doing?

    As most of technologist has already noticed, there's frequent miss pricing in crypto assets, meaning Bitcoin has different price in different Exchanges. (Hundred dollars in some cases) Our system is built around those patterns, placing thousands buying(Low) and selling(High) orders simultaneously at different exchanges around the globe. Those small riskless trades are executed flawlessly and add up to consistent long term returns.

  • Why do investors choose us?

    Our automated arbitrage system is definitely a stallion when it comes to Bitcoin trading. And we put risk management as first priority in fund management. Our goal is to provide a stable and easy to use platform for registered members to gain stable profit from Bitcoin and crypto assets. Join us, achieve your financial freedom through bitcoin trading!

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  • 16 Days on-line
  • 937 Investors
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